Loosen neck tension through physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can relieve neck tension. Many neck tensions become noticeable immediately after waking up. It pulls in the neck. The pain often radiates in the head or back. Headaches and a restriction of movement of the head can be the result. Short-term relief often provides warmth and a small massage. But often the neck pain swells again. Then it makes sense to take a closer look at the cause of neck pain.

What causes can neck tension?

The most common cause of tension is incorrect postures as well as incorrect loads in everyday life. Affected persons should check their sitting position at the workplace. Incorrect sitting with shoulders bent forward can cause neck pain. But also a wrong mattress, as well as unsuitable pillows can be triggers.

Physiotherapy relieves neck tension

In our physiotherapeutic practice, we search together with the patient for the cause of the pain. Once this cause has been found, we can respond individually to the pain and relieve it by various applications of physiotherapy:

Kinesio taping

In this application, an elastic adhesive bandage is glued directly to the skin. Various application techniques regulate the muscular balance of the affected areas. The tape massages the underlying layers of tissue. In addition, muscle contractions, as well as lymph flow and joint function are stimulated.

Physical therapy

Here, patients learn targeted exercises in our practice to strengthen the neck muscles. Long-term posture weaknesses can thus be significantly improved. Targeted treatment can thus permanently alleviate common ailments.


The targeted massage techniques not only loosen the muscles and promote blood circulation to the aching area, but also congestion of the cell tissue and lymph area can be corrected. In addition, a massage can also loosen the cessation of the fascia.


We treat our patitas individually. The physiotherapists in our practice can find out where the cause of your neck pain lies at an appointment and thus offer a targeted and holistic therapy. If you would like to make an appointment at our practice for osteopathy and physiotherapy in Munich Schwabing, you are welcome to do so online or by phone.

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