Osteopathy Babies

Osteopathy Babies and Toddlers

How does osteopathy help babies? In osteopathy, the body is considered holistically. Osteopathic therapy heals without medication. It is therefore a very gentle treatment method that uses the child’s own self-healing powers. Osteopathy for babies can especially help with functional ailments.

What exactly is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is based on the assumption that the human body forms a unit. All elements of the body – such as joints, bones, organs and tissues – are permantins in motion and at best harmoniously connected. Once the interaction is no longer in harmony, this has an effect on the rest of the body. The loss of balance creates Krankheiten.In of osteopathic therapy, tissue tensions and movement restrictions are detected and corrected through the hands.

The baby and the birth canal

At birth, enormous forces affect the infant’s body. The neck and head area of the baby are particularly stressed at birth. This tightness can lead to a shift in the upper cervical vertebrae and skull bones. The constricted vessels and nerves can trigger various symptoms in the infant. Typical complaints are suction and swallowing disorders in the child. Colic and sleep problems, as well as frequent screaming, can also be the result. Here, osteopathic treatment can help very well.

Osteopathic treatment

Babies and toddlers, unlike adults, are still in physical development. The treatment of children requires an accurate knowledge of anatomy and stages of development, as well as specific medical conditions. Therefore, the therapists in our practice have an additional training for the osteopathic treatment of infants and children. If you would like to arrange a treatment appointment at our private practice in Munich Schwabing, you are welcome to do so by phone or online.

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